Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Tuesdays Markets & Comps.

Markets, Market Nights/Days & Comps.

This post is for in real life & online markets as well and any comps. you HMJFBs peeps have on now & the next few months.

Markets accepting applications right now!!

http://www.facebook.com/HuckleberryMarket see website for applications :)
http://www.facebook.com/lollipopmarkets applications open for August 12th market.

Markets being held in the next couple of months!June Markets
www.facebook.com/northeastkidsmarket  17th See FB page for details!

www.facebook.com/pages/Marion-Indoor-Market 17th See FB page for details!

www.facebook.com/DashesofLove 20th online market album up now see page!

www.facebook.com/handmadeexpo 23rd See FB page for details!

www.facebook.com/barossachildrensmarket 24th FREE ENTRY See FB page for details!

July Markets
www.facebook.com/beatnikbaby 1st - 4th Beatnik Vs MOD SHOWCASE online market.
See page for details!

www.facebook.com/tinabartondesigns will be at the Rockhampton Heritage Village Markets on the 8th (in QLD) 
www.facebook.com/littlemonstersmarket  15th FREE ENTRY!!  See the FB page for details!

www.facebook.com/whimsicalmarkets  29th Gold Coin donation See FB page for details!

If there are any markets online of in real life let me know and I will post them up to the blog :)

Happy market visiting all!!


Monday, 11 June 2012

Mondays Weekend Finds

I thought I would start of with a birthday themed first Mondays Weekend Finds.... my youngest AJ is 6 yrs old in July...arr it's all coming up to quick again!! LOL I hope you find some things you love!

ASukar Patisserie
I wish... but I will have to make my own which means limited flavours LOL!

From Banana J creations its a gorgeous Teepee!!
Who wouldnt want a Teepee... it wouldnt look so
pretty after a week at our place I dont think :(   Wish list!
Little Monsters Clothing Alien Tee!!
Too cute and in lime green too!!!

From Mollydag Made
Memory game for on the go!

Again from Mollydag Made
a cute and bright set of beanbags...
great for all sorts of imaginary play!
Of course there is stationary, goodie bags to make up and allsorts of other things we can get.... pop over to these pages and have a browse of all the goodies.

If you would like to create a Weekend finds, a theme or add you product to the list please do..email me at hmjfb@live.com.au  I would love to see what you have found!!






Friday, 27 April 2012

New look is coming!

SO this is hopefully the start of a new adventure for Handmade Just for Boys... I hope that you come along and support the ride!

I’m here for you... be you a small business starting out or a person who is trying to find something awesome for the boys in your life be he son, grandson, nephew or friend etc.

With this blog I have SO many hopes and dreams to make it a great resource for all, just for you to be able to navigate around as you like is one of the most important things!  If you are not finding what your after let me know ...don’t be shy, I LOVE to have impute from others, it’s the only way HMJFB can grow ;)

Some way down the track if all goes to plan and I pass all the goals I have set, then I hope to have a community forum for you to “chat”.  We don’t realise how alike we are until we have a chat!  For example how many of you know that I have a son who has a serious anaphylaxis allergy to tree nuts?  That is one subject will be sharing with you from my life but I would love to hear about yours.... you may help someone without knowing it!!

I hope to post on the blog daily so here is the list as it stands for now, if you have any ideas I would love them!!

Monday – Weekend finds from the HMJFB businesses
If you would like to share what you have found from the HMJFBs liked pages/businesses, something that you adore then let me know so that I can share them with everyone.  I will also share my finds with you from the weekend.  Links to the pic and why you love it would be great...please send to hmjfb@live.com.au by the Sunday if you wish to be listed on the Monday.

Tuesday – Competitions and Markets
If you are having a market night, competition or are attending one of the fabulous Markets around the country please share the details with us!!  I sadly don’t get to many markets at all being so isolated but SO love a Facebook Market Night!!
All details please send to hmjfb@live.com.au by the Monday if you wish to be listed on the Tuesday.

Wednesday – FEATURE Business
Would you like to be the feature business?  Please email me at hmjfb@live.com.au  for details on this subject.  If you can have these back to me as soon as you can that would be great.  I can then get the best out of it for you J    *small cost applys*

Thursday – Menu Idea
Got a good recipe to feed those hungry monsters?  Send it in quick or they might just consume the whole fridge!!!  Ha-ha yes I know it isn’t that bad but some days they turn into complete eating machines!  Email me at hmjfb@live.com.au we will need these constantly I feel... if I have a theme I will let you all know J

Friday – Let’s Talk!

I give you the subject and you talk about it... send me an email with your contribution and all approved send ins will go onto the blog.  Have something that you would like to “talk” about?  Let me know, it’s even better when things are relevant to the audience J

Saturday – Crafty Stuff
This will be the place to go when you get stuck on what to do with the monsters... activities that you, can do with the kids.... Lots of fun to be had for all and great to get the brain going!

Sunday – Wish List
I would love to know what’s on your wish list.... the things that you’re saving for or just waiting for the right moment to snaffle them up!!  Go for your life today it doesn’t have to be handmade or boy related, for example... I would love a new paddle board...I have my eye on this 11ft retro long board, imagine if you will the beaches in the 50’s with all the beautiful timber long boards standing along the beach and the funky retro stripe down the middle....aaahhhhhh that’s a dream!! 

So that’s it for now... All organised, so will get me head down and start flying!  If you would like to be a sponsor I am just working out the rates etc... So email me at hmjfb@live.com.au and I will send them out to you as soon as I’m done!

All out...